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Captain-Freeman's News

Posted by Captain-Freeman - July 1st, 2017

The pilot episode of Robin Quest is in its final stages, lets call it 98% complete. Now I have just a few more bits to do, a couple of parts to go back and improve, buttons, sounds, and I'm done.


Sadly I suffered something of a delay when my dog, that I have had for 15 of the 26 years i've been alive, had to be put down. Kinda killed my work ethic. Now, however, at this crucial point, I know that I have to press on for those who look forward to seeing my shit




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Posted by Captain-Freeman - June 15th, 2017

While I remain unemployed , I have plenty of time to animate. When I  return to full time employment, the rate of work could decrease, or possibly stay the same, depending on what job I get. That's security for you, kids.


Meanwhile, Robin Quest Episode One: Gauntlet of winter, is going swimmingly. It's a fun return to form drawing older characters, and I've been wanting to bring the ice queen back for a while. I expect this to be out pretty damn soon to be honest.


Also, I've been meaning to propose the notion of a patreon account. The only thing that's stopped me thus far is a negative stigma that seems attached to it. I've seen a lot of slacktivist SJW opening them for spewing venom on the internet, and at least one person has actively thanked me for not having one. I doubt I'm even close to main stream or succesful enough to have my own patreon, and I'd rather be known as a talented guy that doesn't have one, over a con artist with one.




Posted by Captain-Freeman - June 12th, 2017

As much as I love to give cryptic hints, I'll start you guys off with a bit more than just a picture this time

Ahem. You will NOT be seeing the next installment of Robin RAID for a very long time. When the time comes that I produce the fourth game in the series, I want to be of the level of professional animator, and by the almighty God Emperor, I will one day hold that acolade.


But If that is the case, why am I showing you a screen shot of a game with robin in? For the exact reason she's wearing her old black and white corset. I introduce to you all, my new venture, Robin Quest. 


Robin Raid is an open ended adventure book, project aura is a traditional point and click. Robin Quest however, is going to be something very different. You still push buttons to guide a klepto-nymph through dungeons to steal shit and avoid getting molested, but now everything is liniar. You don't pick a direction, you pick an action for a direct choice you are given. It trades keys for a far, far more forgiving and steamline experience


Behold, I named it "episode 1" and that is because unlike the 8 months I spent on Robin Raid three, this is an episodic series of games. SLIGHTLY shorter than Robin Raid 2, these are designed to be created consistently. One question remains unanswered, however. Why is she wearing that ugly corset from the first game?


Because RQ is not a chronological series. Its going to be individual instanced events from anywhere between before robin raid 1 and up to the end of robin raid 3. episode 1, for example, tells the story of how she ended up with the red corset she is known for wearing. The plot is her making a concerted effort to rob the ice queen.


Finally, I have a queery for my 300+ fans. I have a tumblr and a twitter, you can feel free to talk to me or ask me stuff on there, I always enjoy feedback, but should I make a facebook page?



Posted by Captain-Freeman - June 11th, 2017


Nothing profound here, just a vague screen shot



Posted by Captain-Freeman - June 9th, 2017

Reminder, I do a lot more than just porn cartoons

http://captain-ganto.newgrounds.com/movies/ I just added a new one


Agent fox was a noble misfire. a ton of effort went into it, but it didn't do as well as I had hoped.


Yet crazy enough, the graphics, scenes, and humour were universally praised. So maybe I should stick to point and clicks/adventure games, what I have proven myself to be pretty good at.


Its going to be a long, long time until you see Robin Raid 4. when that game comes, expect it to be my greatest ever piece of work. Don't despair though, its the RAID part im putting on ice, not the robin part. If all goes to play, I'm going to make a robin spin off series, either robin quest or robin adventure. short, episodic games with less focus on exploration and more on going through instanced levels.


(since I linked Ganto and freeman together, I'm free at last to add refrences to the other in my work, so robin makes it into dreadfully simple)



Posted by Captain-Freeman - June 8th, 2017

Remember, not everything I make is pornographic!


just made and uploaded a new episode of dreadfully simple for you all to enjoy