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Captain-Freeman's News

Posted by Captain-Freeman - March 29th, 2017

It's been a long road, it really has. Numerous set backs have kept this project on and off production since september last year, but now I'm finally starting to reach the final stages of production.


That's frame 70, as you can see , and I've just started frame 73 of 94. once that is done I'm going to work some magic with the buttons to make them less bland, then add sound (visible shudder), and then you can all finally enjoy my labour of love


Posted by Captain-Freeman - March 21st, 2017

Posted by Captain-Freeman - March 16th, 2017

Would people be interested in seeing one of the scenes from RR3 as a teaser trailer?

Posted by Captain-Freeman - March 11th, 2017

Member the pirate captain from Robin Raid 1? I member.


Posted by Captain-Freeman - March 6th, 2017

It's been far too long since I updated you guys on Robin Raid 3. As I progress, the frames become longer and harder to animate, simply because each new part of the game boosts my confidence and ability enough that the next one has to be better, sharper, more colourful, more animated, better animated. But at this moment in time, I'm well past the half way point, and I promise the final result will be totally worth it all




Posted by Captain-Freeman - March 3rd, 2017

Ahoy there friends! It's been a while since I last posted to you guys, so I thought I'd share how I'm currently doing, or more to the point, what I'm currently doing.


Since shovelwaregate2016 where I flooded the internet with cheap, poorly made quick buck material, I've dedicated myself only to the biggest of projects, as such, I have two big one's currently in productions.


1 - Robin Raid 3: Booty Crusade

Robin Raid 3 goes well. Honestly, Robin Raid 3 goes very, very well for me. I'm now well past the half way point, and progress is coming along nicely 

2 - Secret Agent Fox: 

Fear not, I'm not going full furry. It's an action platformer avoid em up, built with a MUCH MUCH improved version of the ORIGINAL Robin Raid engine. You might say, Freeman, how did Robin Raid have a platformer engine if it's a point and click advenure? Well my friends, although none of you will ever see it, ever, the original incarnation of Robin Raid was a platformer game. I hated how it came out with a passion that bordered on the irrational, so it was shelved until recently, where I toiled and toiled until an unplayable mess became a competent engine.



Those future projects actually worth mentioning here are; Project Aura 2 (a spiritual successor instead of a direct sequel, but it's in the early stages. the game itself is built, and has been built for about 6 months now) and Slut Quest 2 (No even written down any basic design documents. not even thought about doing so. when the time comes to make it, its going to be as technically impressive as other contemporary games)


Please find inserted a screen shot of the platformer game.


Message or comment any questions you have, talk to me on twitter or tumblr, and as always, happy fapping 4658093_148858528032_agentfox.png

Posted by Captain-Freeman - February 23rd, 2017

Posted by Captain-Freeman - February 21st, 2017

check out my friends work



Posted by Captain-Freeman - February 14th, 2017


Posted by Captain-Freeman - February 1st, 2017

Mr stick has been my mascot for nearly 4 years. the reason i came up with mr stick's love boat, was as an idea for a game many years ago. my coding knowledge was dire, so it was an excercise in that venture, but the stick characters were just place holders.

i found it oddly funny, so i rolled with it. which leads me to the purpose of this post. should i retire and invent a new mascot from scratch, or redesign him?

Also i lost my graphic tablet wire again.


so i ordered 4 replacement wires.