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Posted by Captain-Freeman - May 12th, 2017

Let me start by saying that I've been doing flash for the best part of 12 years now. Let me be frank, everything prior to the year 2010 is cringey garbage I made when I was in school, and I WILL turtle slap anyone who manages to track down my original body of work. 2010 was the year I made a music video to the song friends by flight of the concords, it was basic, but even now I'm happy with it. I made a few bits following that, and I have more dead projects that I care to mention, but for the purpose of this story, nothing happened before the year 2010.

You'd think in that amount of time, I'd have become amazing at animation. The reason why I'm not, however, is because I only put REAL effort into flash about three years ago. The reason for that is because I'd left university and return home to England at the end of 2013 and real life came crashing down on top of me. I had to go and get a job and partake in real adult shit. Over time of course, this resulted in me turning more and more to flash as an outlet for a great many things, mostly my own sense of fulfillment.

2013 was the year of Robin Raid. No, not the quirky, chose your own adventure story book that you all love or at least love to hate. Oh no, I mean the /ORIGINAL/ Robin Raid, a game that went through a constant stream of redesigns. It started off as a broken platformer, later a primitive as fuck point and click/rail shooter hybrid, and then later as a slightly less broken platformer. Four or five people that remember me back then might remember early releases that have since vanished. As for Mr stick, that was a proof of concept idea that I had, the fact that it has 50,000+ views is a Goddamn enigma to me even to this day.

The game of Robin Raid was broken, it was hard to play and poorly designed, but I don't give up, ever. So the engine it was built upon had a massive over haul. From that, an actually playable game was made. That game, was called Razor Hand (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/651230). Razor Hand was a game I made out of a cannibalised Engine that had been taken apart half a dozen times, and since I was self taught, as I still am with flash, that took all of 2014, coming out early 2015. Razor Hand and Robin Raid exist in a shared Universe, the Princess you rescue in RH is seen in both the flash back of Robin Raid 3, and in a torn painting in Robin Raid 1

2015 Is the point where my love of animation breaks out of its crysalis big time styley. This is basically the point where we need to start looking at me from, because I did more in a single year than I had in the 9 years that preceeded it. 2015 was spent juggling between two projects. One was a sequel to Razor Hand, much longer, with multiple paths and vastly better graphics. the project is dead and you'll never see it. Only level 1 of the 7 level game was ever finished, and that was in turn released as a demo (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/660679) In this installment, she gains a different look and feel, a lot closer to the way she is presented in Robin Raid 3.

That was only how I spent part of 2015. And a small part it was. Here you can find my varying catelog of works.    http://captain-ganto.newgrounds.com/movies/ a lot of them educational, others parodies and music videos. There you will find kick ass history, the failed pilot, IMO, a series I had to conclude when I went to work full time as an arcade operator, and other shiney bits, as well as the afformentioned Friends, the only relic of the past I'm not ashamed of. (And yes, the narrator in all but one of them is me, that's how I sound)

But the AzrealFreeman name always lingered on in my back of my mind, and it was here that we enter 2016. I made Robin Raid 1 to prove that I could. That I could make a game like one erotic adventure game from many years ago with a similar feel that name escapes me. Except where perhaps that author could draw better than me, I would have actual resolution to my plots. After a month and a half of work, Robin Raid was released. Then released twice because there was a game breaking bug that was easy to trigger. Once that bastard was fixed, the Freeman Brand continued, putting out hisory quizes to use my degree, a sci fi game (my personal favourite to make) a sequel to Robin, and a few others. I was riding high, but longed for the days where I educated instead of aroused, and so I revisted to the Ganto brand once again. Here we enter dreadfully simple. It does exactly what it says, it takes concepts that might confuse, and it makes them simple. 

I wanted more though, and that is where we enter my first big SFW project in years, the animated music video to Avenue Q's shardenfrude. If you've been watching the other side of the freeman so far, watch this one in particular, because it actually features a cameo of the other persona. After that, I was finishing training to be a private security officer, and had been unemployed during my training. So to get money, I sold out and made a load of garbage shovel ware for money and immediately regreted doing so. When I started work at my current job, I felt heart broken that I had betrayed my fans. Maybe I'm not a great artist, but fuck, I always put max effort into all my work, and I'd failed you. I could launch a PR stunt to make up for it....Or I could actually make up for it.

So Robin Raid 3 was conceived. This one was going to wash clean the sins of my bad games, and then some. In total, Robin Raid 2 was 42 master frames of animation, Robin Raid 3 was just short of 100. With a graphics tablet in hand, I'd learned how to draw properly, and I wasn't going to let anyone down. For months I slaved at it to make it perfect, deleting whole scenes with they weren't perfect. As time went on, however, I started to fade into obscurity. Last people check, I was the guy who put out a load of Garbage, promised the world, and vanished. And so over christmas, while working 60 hour weeks, I moved to a new project. 

Mostly knew at least. Slut quest began as a generic test RPG to teach myself to program, but I knew I could make something out of it. it took two weeks to built, and two to animate. I'd learned the lessons of the past. I can't draw as well as others, but I possess a arsenal of charm and humour to put into my work, and by God that was going to be the basis of Slut Quest. There was also a sneak peak of the half built RR3 in there, as well as a meta joke at my own expense. It was released to the Public, and cruxified. I'd left a game breaking bug inside as an oversight, and so from 7am to 7pm, I didn't stop until everything was fixed and redistributed again.

Finally, the road to Robin Raid 3 was clear. One distraction remained. It had been a while since Ganto had put anything out, and I was feeling artistic, more so then ever. So I took something a minute long and animated the fuck out of it. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/689266 With that final piece of practice left, all that remained was the final grind to get my work done. At long last, I stood (hopefully) redeemed of my disgrace, for I had finally given the world my magnum Opus. Robin Raid three.4658093_149460583992_AQTN.png4658093_149460586642_kah1tn.png4658093_149460594651_Razorhandfight.jpg4658093_149460597631_lawnmower.gif4658093_149460599453_robin1.jpg



Posted by Captain-Freeman - May 10th, 2017

I've always known vaguely what swfchan is, an archive of sorts where the relics of the past can be preserved. Also a great place to find cartoon titties. As such, I knew my work, or at least my A list stuff was on there. So I decided to look, and lo and behold, there is a comment section. Robin Raid might not have been the prettiest game, I admit, but christ alive these are colourful. Here are just a few


only really its liked is because its filling our minds with something we want. its not just shit animation, its shit animation with a sense of adventure. 


 I thought I could jack off to any sort of degeneracy, but I was clearly mistaken.


Did they really? Did they actually try, OP? You can't see the failed abortions just like the rest of us can? I would've thought the whole 'Takes one to know one' thing would've applied here. Ah, I get it, the wire hanger's still stuck in the ol' noggin, huh? Don't worry, they'll probably invent a decent home abortion kit some day. 


and my favourite


Quality garbage


But for every troll comment hiding behind anon, I have 4 fans on here. So if they struggle with constructive feed back, that's a reflection on them, not me.

Posted by Captain-Freeman - May 6th, 2017

Robin Raid 3 is completely functional, finished, and without any major glitch. as for when it will be fully released, not as an error run, might be a little while longer, but with valid cause.


My mother is currently in hospital. while looking after my baby niece she feel knee first onto the concrete and shattered her knee cap. as such I've had a small measure of difficulty over the last few weeks.


thank you for your patience 

Posted by Captain-Freeman - May 1st, 2017

expect the game in a couple of days. its for the best you all go back and play my prior games, half for perspetive sake, half for a refresher on the lose plots of the games, it will be relevent 4658093_149368070221_rr3intro.gif

Posted by Captain-Freeman - April 21st, 2017

Well my loyal (and remarkably patient fans) the wait is almost over. By my current estimates we are looking at a week/week and a half until the game is fully playable. The road has been a bumpy one, filled with holes and tragedy, but my labour of love is almost finished.

the game is at 98% complete, in terms of sheer work left to do. I have to finish the intro animation (which is mighty) then animate the conclussion (will take the most amount). from there its a manner adding sound and voice acting, which isn't hard or time consuming, its just awkward as fuck.


my sponsor is up to date with what i've been up to, so the delay won't be long.


Posted by Captain-Freeman - March 29th, 2017

It's been a long road, it really has. Numerous set backs have kept this project on and off production since september last year, but now I'm finally starting to reach the final stages of production.


That's frame 70, as you can see , and I've just started frame 73 of 94. once that is done I'm going to work some magic with the buttons to make them less bland, then add sound (visible shudder), and then you can all finally enjoy my labour of love


Posted by Captain-Freeman - March 21st, 2017

Posted by Captain-Freeman - March 16th, 2017

Would people be interested in seeing one of the scenes from RR3 as a teaser trailer?

Posted by Captain-Freeman - March 11th, 2017

Member the pirate captain from Robin Raid 1? I member.


Posted by Captain-Freeman - March 6th, 2017

It's been far too long since I updated you guys on Robin Raid 3. As I progress, the frames become longer and harder to animate, simply because each new part of the game boosts my confidence and ability enough that the next one has to be better, sharper, more colourful, more animated, better animated. But at this moment in time, I'm well past the half way point, and I promise the final result will be totally worth it all