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Captain-Freeman's News

Posted by Captain-Freeman - June 15th, 2020



Posted by Captain-Freeman - May 22nd, 2020

(for a clever little puzzle game, I'll make a real sequel to agent fox when i learn to code in the game maker)



Posted by Captain-Freeman - May 4th, 2020



Posted by Captain-Freeman - April 17th, 2020

Well Goddamn my dudes. Goddamn indeed. Here we are at 200 new updates on this account. 200 sneak peaks, art dumps, requests and the occasional apology (for wasting your time with work that wasn't my best, this isn't youtube, im not apologising tearfully because i called someone the n word then monetising said video).

It's been a wild arse ride hasn't it? From a game about two literal stick figures banging (the background image in mr sticks love boat is actually the sea setting on the north wales coast, a picture i took on my first anniversary with my then girlfriend) all the way to a seduction sim built on memes and bull penis, and everything in between.

so I have to say. thank you. thank you for sticking with him, even at my low points. when i made subpar content when you deserved more, thank you for coming back. when i slacked and took too long, thank you for your patience. thank you for taking your time to play my games, and helping me make my dream a reality

Note. ima be real with you guys. below was meant to be maybe 5 paragraphs, but has turned into an insanely theraputic ranting about everything ive been through since robin raid 1 all those years ago. if you're intested in a bit of history, please enjoy, if not, one last time, thank you


Those early games were experiments, proof of concepts and prototypes for what would follow. the story really begins with https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/671460 the first full porn thing I made. it was crude, sloppy, poorly rotascoped. i knew it at the time, but I didn't let it stop me. it might not be the best, but it would be mine, and it would be a finished project.

https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/672969 followed, I'd done funny fantasy, lets do spooky sci fi i thought. Honestly the concept of a rogue sex robot gaining sentience and fucking everyone only game to me when id already built the game and designed all the backgrounds. what it did provide however, was a glimmer of hope inside of me, an inclination that perhaps, because of the minor but noticeable boost in graphical fidelity, that Maybe i could make something genuinely pretty.

ENTER https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/675617 , even now one of my favourite ever creations. it was the first time i became truly confident in my ability, misplaced perhaps, but it bore a far more colourful and action centric cartoon.

the final game of this year was the early draft of https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/676613 the birth of a character that would go through the most changes between now and then, going from a generic blonde girl into big black dick, to the marshmellow teddy bear thats captured the hearts of thousands. after that, came silence. at least, if you only discovered me later on down the line at least. see inbetween these effort driven passion games came a slew of shovelware titles, basic as shit quiz shows that, while crucial, had to be removed. because they were pants.

but what about the stuff you actually tried with? well after months of training and waiting for my badge, i finally achieved my security guard licence, and started work on site security. see the job was quite varied, and a lot of different places gave me a chance to bring my tablet and computer with me, and still facing the shame of wasting everyone's time with the shovelware, i knew now was the hour to make something beautiful. a project twice as long as robin raid 2, no, fuck it, three times, with twice the graphical fidelity (and an entire SEVEN keys to find) robin raid three was going to prove my most ambitious undertaking yet. starting in september 2016, and with a few delays due to injury and damage of goods, would take eight months to finish

but robin raid 3 wasn't the next game id release, that title goes to a game i started early december 2016, a game called


https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/687274 was how we open the second year of azrael freeman. id attempted to build an rpg like this for years, but my code knowledge proved too limited. bit by bit i came to understand what had to be done, and so slut quest was finally brought into being. using a character from an abandonded game, vanessa rose was a pink turtle neck wearing weeb nymph, a sex crazed nerd out to fuck an entire city. the initial game had a game breaking bug that was super easy to trigger and it tanked the game, so i worked tirelessly for like, two whole hours to fix the code. taking another 3 weeks off after surgery, i made a passion project, BRAWNDO THE THIRST mutilator, and uploaded it to my other account.

with that out of the way began the final stretch to finish https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/697308. that game saw three major retcons of sorts. first i changed generic pirate captain into a love interest for robin, as raid 3 is canonically the last game in the timeline and their romance was to be explored later on, second, it brought captain ganto's game character RAZOR HAND out of retirement and brought into robins world as her paternal half sister. finally, it turned the secret ending of project aura into canon. after months of endless toil and a shit ton of hype , raid 3 was released to honest to god critical acclaim.

here is where personal tragedy strikes. my mum has a bad accident and shatters her knee cap, leaving my nine year old sister in need of someone to look after her and take her to school. i quit my job, and live off my accrued holidays.

honestly, what follows is what i personally consider to be the golden age of my work, a peak of creativity ive not managed to achieve since. see i spent 2014 making a violent platformer about a ninja girl called razor hand. it was my first game, made on a retrofitted engine for a smash brothers fan game from a really fucken long time ago. but we all know that, what you might not know is that there is a completely finished sequel to razor hand. instead of 4x4 levels, this one had 6x6, three times the size of the original.

i cut the first level out of the game to make a demo, but the rest of the game was left to rot. i have a good reason for this. razor hand was made with line art, i did this because i wasn't confident with the brush tool yet, but ultimately came to decide "fuck it, not being good at it is not excuse to not aspire to be better", meaning all that was left to do was the death animations, which had proven an evolutionary dead end.

but freeman, you spent half a year making that game, you couldn't just let it go to waste. and you're right, i didn't. I took razor hand 2: shadow dancer, removed the first episode (its death animations were finished) and removed the last level and boss fight (they were full of really specific story telling elements) and turned it into something new

instead of a razor handed assassin, the game became about a latex catsuit wearing french amazon super spy, a muscle girl 6.6 beast taking orders from a mysterious administrator. but the most significant change wasn't to razor 2, it was to the way i did porn. see this game was going to be the very first time i didn't rotascope ANY of the porn. it would all be drawn from scratch, for better or for worse. with the game recontextualised, new game play features added, and a shit ton of porn, it resulted in a diamond in a ton of rough, https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/694550

I'ma keep it real with you. robin raid 3 broke me as a creator. it was too long and ambitious, but robin was my flag ship character, i couldn't abandon her. so what if i made a new style of robin game? a direct and liner CYOA, no keys to hunt, 5 scenarios with 3 choices, one of three being a game over. what if robin RAID, became robin Quest?

https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/694550 to this day i regret how i named them. robin quest should have been the larger games, raid the smaller. this game was to be a prequel, revisiting a fan and personal favourite, icelia the ice queen. instead of a key she sweet talks, robin steals a magical gauntlet with vague ice powers. and teleportation because fuck you it was easier than animating her walking home. although crude, quest 1 proved both a success and a damn fun game to make, and development on a follow up was instant.

https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/698105 was honestly much of the same. robin, isolated instance, lots of porn and memes. ill skip the details, but i started it home and finished it while visiting a friend who had been in a bad car accident, so i had to look after her too. while there, i made a little game called https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/698443 to this day people ask me "why is it called cosplay girl? who is she meant to be cosplaying?" see the title is a left over from the original concept, wherein vanessa rose from slut quest would be cosplaying aura from project aura. it felt too self indulgent, so i cut it down. visiting my friend took a turn for the worst, and from the ashes of a shitty visit, came the one piece of work i honestly consider my crowning achievement, my magnum opus, the best thing i ever made. Robin quest 3, the sugar gem heist.

https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/700505 might look dated and sloppy, but it marks an important moment in my life. remember the scene in the matrix where neo stands and fights against smith, and morpheus comments "he is starting to believe". that would be quest 3. everything fit together, everything flowed and felt natural. every single scene of the 38 scenarios was a delight to animate, even implimenting the sound effects, a part of the cycle i hate, felt great. i feel a bitter sweet sadness thinking about the sugar gem heist. i wasn't in a good place and threw myself wholesale into my work, and it paid off. even if i became the greatest animator of all time, id never remake or remaster the sugar gem heist.

https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/702911 the artsy side of my brain was spent, but unlike raid 3 where i felt like id trapsed against a desert, i finished quest 3 with a sense of triumph and achievement. I needed to flex the other half of my brain instead, i needed a coding and design challenge. I needed, slut quest two. bigger, better, bolder. less repetitive, with more dynamic and colorful animations. here is a funny bit of trivia. on my old computer is the dev diary for the coding and design of slut quest two. while the mathematical and logical part of my brain was at work, i had 24 days of distinct tasks, colour coded timelines of what i was creating. but when the time for animations and graphics came in? Lol nah ill do whatever i can today, and the document was discarded because the other half of my brain was really undiscplined. none the less, the time came, and slut quest 2: slut quest except its in space this time (later shortneed to slut quest 2: slut quest in space, was released. obscure references and memes galore.

a thing to note about me is, ive been here a lot time. i have another account, an old one from where i was a kid. although id achieved success, it all felt follow without being a real animator, and winning that daily prize for myself. granted id already won daily 5th as captain ganto for a history cartoon, but i wanted to feel like a real animator. and how best to do that, then to make a faux cartoon intro for my flagship character.

https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/706015 full of stuff i planned to bring in later on, the faux intro was to be at the start of every cartoon i made, but that didn't pan out. https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/706141 was a recut version of quest 3 as a single cartoon, a vanity project really, but i wanted everyone to see my greatest piece of work. but, slut quest 2 was also a game you were insanely proud of yes? how could you make that appeal to the masses? by finishing off the golden age with a piss take game, removing the porn and putting in intentionally badly drawn pictures of wholesome activities. https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/703029 was born. but every golden age has to have its end im afraid.


if 2018 was a person id run it over with a truck and fuck its sister. it started with me being in financial shit due to no fault of my own, meaning i had to make games with the direct intent of money through sponsorship. thats the reason robin quest 4: MAGIC WAR was sadly abanonded. my games had to be quick and simple, and because of further shit circumstance that i cant go into, i was unable to make games for two months. in this time i practiced, i started drawing a lot more for the sake of drawing, hence the explosion in content. when i finally started to make games again, i had to face an ugly truth,. i wasn't very good at art. animation was my jam, making shit move is a nearly innate skill, but my art skills were sloppy. thus began the dark age. games stripped down to their core fundamentals, for the purpose of FORCING me to get good enough for my work to stand on its own merit. what started off as a game about a milf getting fucked by a ghost, led to the revival of a character that, unknown to me, had a secret, small, but dedicated fanbase. with a bucky barnes level retcon and redesign, the last member of the pantheon was created.

https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/709188 https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/709595 https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/709880 it was going to be rough, and i was going to be criticised heavily, but the only way i could make the art look good was to make a game that stood on the art alone, and endure the harsh criticism i got. what followed was a succession of interracial porn games, a market i felt wasn't tapped hard enough. each new addition was a slight improvement, if i cracked then id harden again so to speak, and followed by https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/710302 an interquel of robin raid 3, this stood as my darkest hour of development. 2018 azrael freeman had to walk, so that 2020 captain freeman could run. if i was going to git gud, i had to work for it

once more shit got heavy, as the inevitable death of flash loomed over me. it was time to adapt, to face reality and accept that i could no longer hide in the safe waters of action script 2. i was going to have to move to cc animate, and to action script 3. one last game made in as2 (you can tell because it has actual game play) was https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/710922 an early prototype i would eventually bring back and do justice to. it was fucking ugly and im sorry, but it had to be done. with that, i had no choice but to move to cc animate, and start a harsh decline, where the games had to be simple because then, like now, i dont know how to code games any more

https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/712412 my benefactor and producer wanted longer form games, with more structure and story, and so stacey snow returned in force. through a few different inspirations, i sought to make the tough fight promoter into a soft fluffy benevolent bimbo, a dumb blonde that everyone loves.

https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/714725 slightly more confident in knowing how shit works, i try it again, i keep coming back, bloody my nose and i come back twice as hard. honestly to this day, i think this game is the one, true, unfairly treated game i made. its a lot smother and prettier than people give it credit for, even if it is a bit primitive. it might be all the futa on male, maybe im projecting something.

https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/717473 although the graphics might be increasing at a slow pace, this time i wanted a far more professional looking system. time was against me however, as i had a holiday to pay for, me and my best mate going to spain for his birthday, paid for by me because im fucking great, but more troubling, my laptop was weeks away from dying. i managed to reach the finish line before it broke, and pay for the holiday. i won't lie, it was a stressful gauntlet paying for it, but all inclusive to spain in SEPTMBER is half the price as it was two weeks prior. much rum was drunk. while i was away, the new computer i ordered arrived, and the dark clouds that had loomed over my life for nine months started to split apart.

https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/719783 id been asked far more times than you'd expect to make a seasonal game, and with the help of a new computer, and a trusty ally id met who gave honest but supportive advice, snow bunny adventures volume 3 was crafted, and this is the first game in my git gud gauntlet that finally punched through the veil, made cracks form around my self doubt, and helped me to start to make a name for myself as a genuinely not that bad artist. it wasn't, however, until vol4, that things got interesting.

https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/721621 was the final game released in the shit show that was 2018. a lot of family and finacial troubles vexxed me that year, i wont go into it but until the sugar gem heist where my attitude was "ill take this strife and make it work for me", the loss and heart break i felt during this period just dragged me down. see the rule with newgrounds is, 3/5 is the acceptable score. you're good at making stuff if you get to that level, and in a few months id gone from the shameful 2/5 to nearly 3/5, on my art work alone. ok the funny story and narration helped but compared to the GAMES i used to make, these were primitive.

it was here I met and befriended an artist, animator, and all around cool dude. you've probably heard of them, if not https://hayleypetharley.newgrounds.com/ who is fun and parties and you should watch their stuff. HPH has never sugar coated his words, and has helped me improve beyond words, and for that ill be forever greatful

here's the funny part, see i had a bit of a content drought for a few months, but dont assume i was slacking. december 2018 was spent making two games, a robin christmas game and the return to robin quest. both projects were put on haitus over christmas, destined to return later. following the trend of seasonal games, the year of 2019 was to start off with a damp squib, but dont let it fool you, for 2019 proved to be


https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/726303 was phonned in a bit, for two reasons, neither of which come down to skill or a lack of effort. first of all, 3 days before christmas, my nan died of all the cancer. two weeks later, my grandad on the other side died of even more cancer. i had two funerals back to back, and my brain was honestly elsewhere.

second, id finally invested in art dolls, and was using them to learn proportion, but i only had a female doll, not a male doll. thats why the male character is never present in those animations. it wasn't corner cutting i promise, i was just half equipped for the task.

if you've followed me fully, you'll notice i missed a game. a self indulgent, narrcisitic quiz game about robin raid. why is it not on newgrounds? because the SFG version uses html5 canvas, whereas the newgrounds version uses action script 3. I cannot be fucked to port it over. you're not missing anything, it was pretty mediocre.

back to topic. remember how i said i was making a christmas themed game as well as robin quest 4? https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/727904 was just that. similar to warlock hex, just a lot prettier. remember my lil art doll? she finally had a friend, a male doll, and now i could use both of them for reference. this is the first game where i sought external voice talent outside of the prototype for seduce em up and other, smaller voice lines. remember that ally i told you about? turns out they have top tier voice acting chops, and after a bit of bulli to make them see their true potential, they provided some bitching voice talent. check them out here https://slaaneshidemon.newgrounds.com/

I always felt i was onto something with seduce em up, but it was alphabeti spaghetti. it needed cleaning up, and not having corners cut. more so, now i knew how to best use the dolls. i was just tracing over pictures at first, save time and all that. instead, id only trade the componants then draw the rest myself. it wasn't a perfect system at all, but it put me on the path im on now. https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/729458 instead of making characters and using generic as fuck porn scenarios, i would instead use established characters. with stacey snow already developed, the questions were a breeze. the proportions looked better, the motion less jank. the prototype 0 might have been a mess, but seduce em up was shaping up to be something great

(at this point i made another quiz game, it was a lot better but still kinda meh, find it on sexyfuckgames.com

with finances more secure, i could indulge once again in my real games, namely continuing robin quest: orcs. i had a breeze all those years ago with the fight scenes in robin quest 3, and wanted to really push and test myself to the limit. as you play https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/731952 you might notice the second half of the game is a LOT better drawn an animated than the first, note this was because of the 5 month time gap between the two. the first half of the big fight came much sooner, and you can tell.

confident in the power of seduce em up, i made another three. my mum long recovered, it was time to return to work properly, as a supermarket security guard, and i juggled my work life between; giving best girl vanessa a game of her own again https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/734081 turning the french amazon super spy into a house wife married to a soft boy peadiatrian https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/737536 and trying to remake the title screen from secret of monkey island https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/741054

long story short, i left the security job to work with my dad but the job sucked. i left on very good terms with the security company and lidl, but knew in my heart that i didn't want to return to trying to not get stabbed by hobos off their tits on ketamine. but if i were to fall back to game design, id need to return in style, with a real game, a big game. plunging the vaults of old as fuck game design (i literally have it planned on paper in my note book) i spent three months on a game that would act as my return to form, a much requested follow up to project aura. this game would of course mark


Christ i hope that subtitle ages poorly. i hope when the covid19 crisis ends we can return to normallity. of course, when https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/749330 hit the net, we were more focused on world war not three and austrlia on fire. it was a departure from the first one in every way. a different aura, a less horror theme. actually not horror at all, straight comedy. i hoped to learn how to code the keys in time but just could get the hang of it, leading to what should have been a point and click becoming a walking simulator without the walking. still, there was plenty of decent porn, colourful characters, jokes and memes. shame the endings were too vague for people to understand, but it doesn't matter, because only ending four, where it turns out the whole game isn't real, its just vanessa playing a heavily modified skyrim, is the one i consider canon.

as seduce em up 1 did to seduce em up 0, this new way of seduce em up would do to games of old. no expenses spared this time, no corners even trimmed. instead of lazily editing the face on one avatar? fuck it, ill draw 8 individual ones with the same level of graphical fidelity as most pictures i would make. rework the clunky UI, turn the individual game over screen into a unique answer based on incorrect replies. and it shows, bringing the SEU score up way high. hard work can conquer anything right?

finally, that puts me up to where i am now. what's being worked on you might ask? well another new seduce em up, with the same level of effort and shit is well underway, pushing even new ground as time goes on. thats not all though. Robin quest 4 has returned, the orc game now just a single piece. back to basics again, i hope to recapture the glory and happiness i felt making quest 3 with quest 4: hand of summer.

that's not all i have though. ti's going to take a while, it might even take longer than a year, but i have, fully coded, the one game everyone has been asking for since mid 2017. Robin Raid 4, is in development as well



Posted by Captain-Freeman - March 16th, 2020

Seldom am I one to slouch at all, as such I've been hard at work delivering new, shiny porn for everyone.

The old seduce em up games were made on a very limited template, it was meant to be streamlined and more efficient, but that came at the cost of it always feeling limited and cramped. Every wrong answer went to the same, boring game over page for example.

So I wonder to myself, how then do I sort this? the answer? knuckle the hell down and crack on with it. Scrap the current template and rebuild the whole thing completely from scratch, to bring a new life to the system.

Point being, expect an improvement in every regard, new, better, far more diverse graphics. but don't take my word for it, have a look yourself at a very sneak peaks





So when will it be out? expect it to be released Thursday 18th of march


Posted by Captain-Freeman - February 27th, 2020

Am I a furry now?





Posted by Captain-Freeman - February 11th, 2020

it's tomorrow. 12th of feb. brace yerself my dudes


Posted by Captain-Freeman - February 3rd, 2020

yep thats a thing alright

stay tuned my dudes




Posted by Captain-Freeman - January 18th, 2020

So turns out the lethargy I've suffered all month and over christmas wasn't just me being a lazy shit, it was a serious illness

tried not to let it slow my ass down however.




Posted by Captain-Freeman - January 4th, 2020

here's a project aura 2 gif for you


and a work in progress sex gif