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Captain-Freeman's News

Posted by Captain-Freeman - November 22nd, 2017



After a month of concerntrated grind, deleting and remaking lost work, and pushing myself to be the sort of creator that so many of you see me as, I'm proud of announce Slut quest 2: Except it's in space in this one. As it stands, I'm in the final 85% of phase 5/6, meaning a few days of focus and grind will be enough to finish all but the music, and since I don't make my own music, it's up to my music guy to not cause a delay. after that, I usually time exactly an hour to try to break the game before I finally release it.


Allow me to put into context just how huge an improve this game is over slut quest 1. Through out it's various locations, there was a grand total of 28 counting the ending cinematic. Compare that to the sequel, which boasts 68 animations, of a far greater animation fidelity.


The game is twice the length of the original slut quest, going from 15 locations to over 30, each a varied place full of exploration and charm 


In slut quest 1 you had a single home hub, in slut quest 2, you can purchase multiple different properties, each with their own graphic and animations.


in slut quest 1, the goal of the game was to mindlessly grind stats, but in 2, you have multiple ranking systems to achieve, providing a far greater sense of achievement and progression


in slut quest 2, the graphical user interface sacrificed all possible astetic charm on the altar of functionality. that is not the case this time around. gone are the 2 colour buttons on an ugly interface, in its place, a coherent and colour coded system that makes navigation easy. the hud is also no longer cluttered with a myriad of stat bars, now the stats and ranks are collapsable and will no longer get in the way of the game.


As for the graphics, that is a natural progression, as it's been almost a year since I made the last slut quest game. Character anatomy has improved, so has the quality and attention to detail of animations.


Posted by Captain-Freeman - November 20th, 2017


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Posted by Captain-Freeman - November 7th, 2017

Yes, slut quest 2 is a direct sequel to slut quest 1, same character with the same pink turtle neck cardigan (which I've already fixed, disregard the neck).


Phase 5 is the animations, and I'm plowing through this mothers like a meteor



Posted by Captain-Freeman - October 30th, 2017

Decided to treat everyone to an extra preview before I continue to crack on



Posted by Captain-Freeman - October 29th, 2017


phase 4 is go!


Posted by Captain-Freeman - October 28th, 2017


So the first thing you need to know about slut quest 2, is that this one has a class system! You start off with the choice of 6 different classes, each giving different benefits and perks.


what are those perks? well I was going to post a long paragraph explaining how the class system works, but I decided, darkness there and nothing more, I'll keep you guys guessing. Enjoy!




Posted by Captain-Freeman - October 24th, 2017

It took the Jason films 10 movies before it went into space, but I'm nothing if not highly efficient.

Before I give a huge dump on all your see before you, know this. the original slut quest was meant to be in space. I only decided to move away from that so that I could later extend the franchise into SPACE. As such, this is the first preview of slut quest except it's in space this time.


The game is almost complete from a coding stand point. All that currently remains is to; add a win feature (it won't be a let down this time, pinkie swear) add a few barriers to entry, then play test and balance the fuccckkkkk out of the game. Once that's done and dusted, its a manner of arts. first the back grounds, then the animations, then making all the buttons more than boring squares.


Now on to the analysis! Bedroom ONE, this time it has multiple homes to buy that give other bonus goodies. charm and sex appeal are gone, as they both did the same thing, and were very similar to sex ability, so all three were rolled into the sex power stat. in the place of charm we now have the technology stat.


Remember how slut quest 1 hid everything behind a grind? that my friends is no more! now the game uses a ranking system, which along with the stat bar, is this time collapseable. no longer is the screen cluttered with all manner of shit. days and energy remain, with money replaced with credits.


That's all I can share at this time, keep watching for updates very soon!


Posted by Captain-Freeman - October 18th, 2017

Hello there ladies and gentlemen, I bring you news. I'm trying a new thing and giving a whole lot of love to my other account, captain-ganto. I'm so set on getting better and better at robin quest and the like that I have neglected to give due attention to my other account


As such, from now on, I will be periodically taking parts of my NSFW games that I am fond of, slapping them together in a semi cohesive narrative, and uploading them to my other account


for the first in hopefully a long line of these, please check this link




thank you